Soul Miners Union

Power Trio from Lancaster, PA

Red hot blues rock power trio Soul Miners Union sets the stage on fire with their killer tones, scorching riffs, and huge dynamic range.

Their diverse catalog and energetic live performances feature an explosive intersection of frontman Ben Brandt’s virtuosic guitar work and soulful voice, Liam Galiano’s powerful bass playing and songwriting, and Aidan Reeve’s full-throttle drumming style.

Hailing from Red Rose City, Soul Miners Union is quickly taking the blues rock world by storm.

Ben Brandt

Guitar, Vocals, Hat

One could say Ben Brandt was born with a guitar in his hands and this would not be far from the truth. The son of a professional musician, Ben cannot remember a time when the guitar was not a part of his life. As a baby he was fascinated by the instrument and by the time he was three he was picking out riffs on his father’s guitars. In 1999, at the age of 10, Ben started his own band, the Ben “Jamin” Brandt Project and his talents were discovered by a local radio station in NJ, WDHA. They promoted his music and booked him at festivals where he shared the stage with the likes of Savoy Brown and Billy Hector.

Ben’s influences over the years have included a very eclectic mix of Blues, Prog and Rock from Chris Cain, Gary Moore and Eric Johnson to Andy Timmons, Robin Trower, Steve Vai and Alex Lifeson. These different genres and playing styles provide Ben with a broad palette to pull from to hone his craft. Dynamics and phrasing are key components in Ben’s playing where every note has meaning and purpose, and his impeccable tone is sought after by guitarists both young and old.

Ben’s skills are well known in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding tri state area where he continues to perform on a regular basis. Ben is not one to be put in a box and always strives to learn new things, pushing himself and the musicians he plays with. At 32 years of age and over 20 years of playing live Ben has acquired a lot of experience yet he has truly only begun to show the world what he is capable of.

Liam :Galiano

Bass, Vocals, Hair

Liam started playing bass in a Lancaster County high school when Primus’ “Tommy the Cat” inspired him to stop pretending to play clarinet and start pretending to slap bass. Luckily, thanks in large part to lessons with professor and consummate bassist Tim Wolfe, Liam learned to tastefully play any genre, at least well enough to not get fired!

This has led him to a still early but successful career of session work and live performance for a huge variety of artists and genres. Not limited to his ’75 Fender Jazz, Liam also plays upright bass in musicals, and six-string bass in his own music. He released a Christmas album performed exclusively on solo bass and voice, and plans to release some new original music this year. Before joining Soul Miners Union, Liam toured with Sun & Rain and shared bills with some of the top names in that scene including Perpetual Groove, Papadosio, and Tauk.

While he still loves the absolutely bombastic creativity of high school idols Les Claypool and Brian Richie, Liam’s biggest influences today are those bass legends who have not only chops, but also restraint. Through studying Marcus Miller, Chuck Rainey, James Jamerson, Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, and so many others, Liam has found his own voice. As the great Ian Martin Allison says, “I have never wanted to be the star; I wanted to be the star’s bass player.”